William “Meteos” Hartman Returns To Play For 100 Thieves Once More

William “Meteos” Hartman Returns To Play For 100 Thieves Once More
Credit: 100 Thieves via YouTube

100 Thieves announced on Twitter – through a meme, fittingly – that Meteos will be returning to 100 Thieves once more. He returns after a short year and a half away from the team, having left in June of 2018 and joining FlyQuest Academy.

From there, he found his way to OpTic Gaming, and then OpTic Academy before a final move to Immortals for an incredibly short time. How long his time at 100 Thieves will last is unknown, but fans of esports in general hope that he’s there to stay.

Meteos has had a long League of Legends career, having started in the beta before reluctantly climbing the ranked ladders not to earn fame, but to avoid the long wait times of the non-ranked queues. Starting with Team Normal Stars, he moved to compLexity Gaming before joining Cloud9. His career would also have him doing stints with Quantic Gaming and Phoenix1.

Regardless of his team, Meteos has kept the same specialty. Throughout his entire professional career, Meteos has always been a jungle main, and has wielded it to startling effectiveness.

His departure from 100 Thieves back in 2018 was somewhat sudden, with the jungle main requesting to explore other teams himself. In their announcement, 100 Thieves cited “a lack of chemistry and cohesion between the players and the coaching staff” to be the reason for Meteos’s move away.

Fans of Meteos and 100 Thieves often were much more blunt about this, blaming a member of the coaching staff, Neil “pr0lly” Hammad, for driving him away. This resonates with the original announcement that a lack of chemistry had begun to grow between the players and coaching staff, and seems all but confirmed now as Meteos returns just after pr0lly’s departure.

100 Thieves pokes fun at his somewhat-tumultuous departure in their announcement, adapting the “Hey, look at us” Hot Ones/Paul Rudd meme to announce his return. They follow the announcement shortly after with “*Pending Riot approval,” hinting that the return isn’t completely set in stone just yet as they still need to have it ratified by Riot themselves.

Meteos is a popular fan favorite and an incredibly effective jungling veteran that has remained a staple in the esports community for years. After over seven years of experience, he brings a tacticle and skillful enrichment to any team that he plays for. While his role within 100 Thieves isn’t clear or even final, fans are ecstatic to see their favorite memelord there to run the jungle once again.