G2’s Mid Laner Caps Explained The Reasoning Behind Leaving Fnatic and Joining G2 Esports

G2’s Mid Laner Caps Explained The Reasoning Behind Leaving Fnatic and Joining G2 Esports
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

When Caps joined G2 Esports in 2018, his decision rocked the competitive League of Legends landscape. And in a recent vlog, the 20-year-old superstar gave his side of the story as to why he chose to leave Fnatic for greener pastures.

“[Fnatic] had a lot of problems as a team, and I couldn’t see that we would win Worlds,” Caps said. “I thought G2 was the team with the roster, organization, and staff that would have the highest chance of winning Worlds.”

The talented mid laner also went into detail about how the team wasn’t able to fix the issues that cropped up during the year. Instead, he said they’d put things aside and worry about them later. Caps also said he was surprised by how far Fnatic made it at Worlds 2018 because there were so many problems that went unsolved.

Caps said he didn’t know how to improve because he “didn’t know what [he] was supposed to do differently in the circumstances he was given.” He pointed out Fnatic’s preparation and how it was surprising that they still managed to beat teams like Edward Gaming and Cloud9 with a lack of winning plays. They were better at individual play.

Ultimately, Caps believes that his departure forced Fnatic to finally focus on the deeper issues that plagued the roster, especially when the team lost eight of their first 10 games during the 2019 LEC Spring Split. The team has now grown from this adversity and has become a challenger on the regional and international stage once more.

Meanwhile, Caps is now focused on the 2020 Summer Split, where he’ll be returning as G2’s mid laner. Caps thinks the strongest iteration of the team has Perkz back in the bottom lane, so that’s what G2 will be running with for the foreseeable future. While G2 is known for shenanigans, the current year iteration looked quite weak and it’s understandable why G2 would want to revert to the previous situation. Caps in the mid lane was unmatched while Perkz held up quite well against most international top tier ADCs. It will be interesting to see them fare in their respective lanes once again.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Summer Split as roster shuffles keep happening all over the place. Vitality replaced most of their roster already and more teams are looking to spice things up and a disastrous Spring Split.

The 2020 LEC Summer Split begins on June 12.