REKT! Is A Unique Arcade Challenge Headed To Steam In November

REKT! Is A Unique Arcade Challenge Headed To Steam In November
Credit: steam XO

Developer Little Chicken Games has announced its upcoming action-packed arcade experience REKT speeding its way to steam in November. This action-packed driving experience is inspired by classic trick based speed games. Race at insane speeds as you do amazing tricks, flips, and drifts through multiple levels.

This game is all about fast-paced stunts and has a very nostalgic Micro MAchines theme to it. Experience a retro neon aesthetic mixed with a smooth performance that will keep you racing and flipping for hours. Add in some friends and double the fun as you compete to see who can score the highest on the trick based leaderboard.

REKT is a high octane stunt experience that will put you behind the wheel of several cars. Get ready to jump, drift, and complete complicated stunts as you race through the leaderboard on a global level. Prepare to get REKT as you crash into multiple objects and prove your the best racer in the world.

The game is experienced through multiple quick gameplay sessions. As you complete several challenges you will slowly unlock cars, arenas and more.

Customize your cars look and stats to optimize it for stunt-based entertainment. As you compete against varying challenges you will learn how to complete complicated tricks and get the highest scores possible.

Take on varying challenges and master your stunts as you learn to flip, roll, loop, grind, drift, and more. Combine skills to try and break your best score as you use the massive track as a showing ground for your unique talents.

Each time you enter the arena you are given a new set of challenges. these will increase or decrease in difficulty creating an infinite list of objectives. Endless tasks, checkpoint races, and exclusive designs are sure to inspire players to continuously bring their best to the neverending racing experience.

This game is inspired by old-school arcades which means that the main function is to score the highest in the game. Compete against a global leaderboard as you try and rise through the ranks as the greatest racer on the track.

Practice makes perfect so be sure to train as much as possible in a convenient and calm game mode. Simply practice varying skills and maneuvers and then test those abilities on the main challenging tracks of the core game.

REKT will be available as of November 6th on PC and sold through Steam. For more information be sure to explore this title’s dedicated Steam page.