The Retro Arcade Racer Hotshot Racing Is Now Available On Steam

The Retro Arcade Racer Hotshot Racing Is Now Available On Steam
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The racing genre is as hot as it has ever been. From dirt ralley to F1 racing, there are limitless types of racers that you can play for an adrenaline-fueled experience.

However, if you like the arcade type of racing with a retro vibe, Hotshot Racing might be something worth checking out. It’s officially available now on the Steam platform. The community loves what Sumo Digital has created as is clear with the positive user scores.

It’s not hard to see why so many gamers have enjoyed Hotshot Racing despite the fact that it hasn’t been out for very long. At its heart, the game is about having fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously like a lot of others in this space do, making driving mechanics quite a difficult process to master.

In this game, you can jump in on a race and pick up the controls quickly — as if you’ve played for years. Still, Hotshot Racing does have a lot of impressive controls for an arcade type of game. For example, the drifting mechanics are absolutely flawless.

As you see a bend in the track, you can quickly shift your vehicle to the side and fly around like a professional stunt car driving. These sort of feelings stay with you throughout your entire playthrough.

The blistering speed of the vehicles in this game also give Hotshot Racing an edge amongst similar titles. It really does feel like you’re traveling hundreds of miles per hour, having to carefully weave in and out of your competitor’s lanes. You have to think quick once your vehicle really gets up and going.

The fact that there are several different modes is great in terms of the content variety. You can test your skills to see how fast you can complete each track or go head to head with eight others online. There’s even a cop and robbers mode that provides a lot of thrilling excitement. Sumo Digital has done a beautiful job at making a fun racer, but giving it enough unique elements to keep even veteran racers excited about its novelty.

You can’t beat the graphics either; there are vibrant colors everywhere. They help immerse you in each circuit that you’re completing, whether it’s around Las Vegas or the jungle. There is already so much to love with this arcade racer, especially if you want a more casual experience where fun is put at the forefront.