The Invincible Is A Unique Retro Sci-Fi Horror Game Revealed For Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC

The Invincible Is A Unique Retro Sci-Fi Horror Game Revealed For Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC
Credit: Steam XO

Coming from the brand new studio Starward Industries is a very ambitious title based on a 1960s novel. The Invincible will be making its way to Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC next year in celebration of sci-fi writer Stanislaw Lem’s 99th birthday. This first-person adventure is set in a retro-future that is outstanding in both concept and design.

This title has been in the making secretly for quite awhile. Players will get to enjoy a unique non-linear adventure full of unforgettable experiences as they travel across the iconic story. This unique combination of setting and lore creates a retro universe worth deep exploration.

Enter into a unique sci-fi thriller as you walk on the surface of a hostile planet. Embark on an epic mission to find the missing crew of your ship as you travel across an unforgiving world. While trying to find them you must survive as the secrets of the planet slowly unfold in front of you.

Survival is determined based on choices. Prioritize well, explore when needed, and try to maintain a safe distance from everything harmful on this world.

You play as a scientist aboard a unique interstellar scientific expedition. Life is going well until you are thrown into an instant life-or-death rescue mission. Once you land on the planet of Regis III you must use your advanced space equipment to find the crew, and your core instincts to survive the planet.

This entire world has a horrible secret which you will slowly uncover as you figure out what happened to the crew. The deeper into the planet you go, the more you learn that something else is alive on this world and that some places are better left alone.

Enter into a unique retro-future fueled by atompunk designs. This entire game is very reminiscent of the space race giving it a unique feel and aesthetic not found in other titles.

This game does contain very advanced technology yet everything feels extremely analog. Drones and various autonomous robots are around to support your mission, but if they are left to their own devices they may just cause more trouble then they are worth.

Enter into a unique world powered by Unreal Engine. This entire game is inspired by the book by Stanislaw Lem which is titled with the exact same name.

The Invincible is planned to release next year from Starward Industries on Pc, Xbox Series X, and PS5.