Overwatch League – Big Boss Pine Is Apparently Getting Ready For His Return To The League

Overwatch League – Big Boss Pine Is Apparently Getting Ready For His Return To The League
Credit: Akshon Esports via YouTube

Legends have always come and gone throughout the history of the world; they show up in dire circumstances and are pitted in a David versus Goliath match-up where they heroically find the advantage and pursue it, to the triumphant roar of the crowd. Then they age and slowly fall into obscurity to be kept afloat only by rumors and stories which inevitably become twisted into even far more gargantuan feats of strength and brilliance.

Esports legends are similar in their entirety; insane clutches that shouldn’t be possible, nuanced plays that show an astoundingly deep understanding of the game, and the omnipresent cheering and adoration from fans every time they arrive.

From Eric Flom and Hiko for Counter-Strike to Kuro Salehi Takhasomi in DOTA 2, every esport scene has these legends that seem to snowball into far more profound versions of themselves as they act with poise, dignity, and near-unrivaled understanding of the scene.

For the Overwatch League, these legends have come and gone; one was the ballad of Big Boss Pine for the NYXL, and he’s looking for a comeback into the scene after a staggeringly long absence.

Do-hyeon ‘Pine Kim is one such legend that had never fully been revealed; a vital part of NYXL’s ‘download complete’ meme, he would come from the bench to play a singular game with a bizarre accuracy and understanding of the game, swing the pendulum easily back into the favor of the NYXL, and go back onto the bench.

It was dang near like clockwork in the first season; NYXL would fall behind, Big Boss would arrive, NYXL would reverse sweep.

So when he was finally removed from the bench and relegated to becoming a streamer for the NYXL team, it was a bit confusing; Do-hyeon would rarely play, and when he did it was to impressive results barring the few gaffs that are arguably far out-paced by Nenne’s legendary Zarya ult in the 2019 finals.

Now, however, Pine has broken the silence and he’s ready to dive back into the world of Overwatch League, for whoever is interested in the South Korean DPS that has shown to be a legendary hit-scan player on McCree and Widowmaker that could competently stand against other legends such as Profit and Fleta.


The message is short and straight to the point; Pine wants in a server, and any team that can manage to pick him up will likely be well-rewarded with a competent hit-scan DPS specialization with a massive following within the Overwatch League.

After NYXL baited fans during the off-season with Pine, then no one ever saw him again, the fans have continued to clamor for one thing: let Pine dunk again.