GORSD Is A Unique Battle Arena Headed To PC and Consoles Soon

GORSD Is A Unique Battle Arena Headed To PC and Consoles Soon
Credit: Steam XO

GORSD is a unique indie title that takes inspiration from Southeast Asian culture and spines it into a unique pixel art title. This game features a unique singleplayer adventure mode with couch battle options as players enter a strange unique world.

In this title, players must defeat their enemies using only one bullet. The issue is that this bullet is deadly to both you and your enemies making tactics an essential skill. As you navigate the unique maps players must find a way to complete their objective without ending their own lives.

This title is a unique arena combat game that will take players deep into the heart of darkness. By mixing Asian themes into a unique title, the developers have created a world that is both fascinating and simple. The entire project is presented using beautiful pixel graphics giving the game an eerie sense of time displacement.

Players start the game born from a womb-eye, and then set forth to discover the world around them. As they explore they will find challenges created by an unknown power, each challenge presents new opportunities that will evolve and grow your strange small character. Find your purpose and uncover the truth of the GORSD.

In the arena combat mode and the story mission players find that they have only one bullet. They must fire it, control its path, and collect it after it collides with its target. One wrong move and the bullet could spiral back hitting your character and ending your life.

Players can play with up to four others as they experience unique couch battles. With several different game modes players can explore over 70 unique maps and find different challenges on each one.

The single play campaign contains a large overworld with more than 60 battle stages spread across the game. Experience a 7-hour adventure as you realize the truth of the world around you and discover the purpose of your existence.

Experience an awesome soundtrack as you master the unique controls of this title. Keep in mind that as your navigating the bullet you must determine where it needs to go which is just as important as where you need to go.

Find hours of entertainment in this title which is deceptively easy to learn, and hard for anyone to master.

GORSD will release on September 18th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch audiences. Learn what it means to be GORSD.