The Textorcist: The Story Of Ray Bibbia Gets A Christmas Update That’s Fittingly Bizarre

The Textorcist: The Story Of Ray Bibbia Gets A Christmas Update That’s Fittingly Bizarre
Credit: Headup Games via YouTube

If you haven’t heard of The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia, you can’t be entirely faulted.  It’s a hardcore indie game that mixes black humor, black metal, and a hardcore exorcist priest in a bullet-hell existence.  Where everything is done by typing words into the keyboard.

It currently has a whopping 149 reviews on Steam (with over 90% positive) despite being out since February 14th of 2019, has a fantastic demo available, and gameplay that is an unholy combination of dodging thousands of projectiles while simultaneously attempting to type out actual exorcism rites against demons trying to remove your face.

The typing/bullet-hell hybrid is as brutal as it sounds; you have to watch the screen while typing, elect when to move your hands to the arrow keys to dodge the projectiles, and then get a few more words out when you’re momentarily safe. We’re not talking Binding of Isaac levels of projectiles, either; bullets will cover the screen in pulse-pounding boss fights that range from possessed maids to the Holy Pope himself as the titular Ray Bibbia attempts to uncover where the outbreak of demonic possessions is coming from.

If you’re a bit unsure of your typing prowess, The Textorcist has you covered; you can play with a controller if you choose.  It can make the game a bit easier, but don’t expect a ‘press A to win’ scenario; instead, two letters are presented above Ray’s head, and you must choose the correct one to continue the word.

Backed by a banging soundtrack courtesy of GosT, the ‘slasher-wave’ music genre pioneers, and it’s a difficult title to put down once you take the plunge.  The aesthetics are firmly put in retro-wave titles such as Hotline Miami, with neon signs and isometric views marking the battlefields that you’ll earn your collar in.

While you play as a private exorcist, and the title does deal with demons and their ilk, The Textorcist is not an idyllic stroll through green pastures.  Violence is depicted heavily, and the plot deals with human trafficking and drugs extensively, all while the washed-up exorcist uses all of the more colorful language at his disposal.

The Textorcist has received a new update just in time for the holiest holiday of the year, and Krampus has come for better or worse.  Bringing a brand new boss with a new arena to attempt your survival, it’s once again up to Ray to stop the wild demons from letting all hell loose this festive season.

The update has been teased for the past week or so, with Ray’s office being decorated with a festive tree, replete with gifts, stockings, and even a wreath.  It’s a fantastic tie-in to this season, and the second seasonal tie-in The Textorcist has had since Halloween.

Here’s hoping the adventures of Ray Bibbia are just getting started with this unique title.