Shoot The Ship Is Here! It’s Shoot House And Shipment On Demand For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gamers

Shoot The Ship Is Here! It’s Shoot House And Shipment On Demand For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gamers
Credit: Activision

Infinity Ward has been listening. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reddit users have been clamoring for more Shipment, mainly because they have been bombarded with Vacant. Well, gamers can now get their fill of Shipment whenever they want with the new game mode just introduced, Shoot the Ship!

Here is the official playlist update tweet posted by Infinity Ward:

Modern Warfare gamers have been vocal about two maps lately, Shoot House and Shipment. They fill a niche of small maps and maximum fighting, so one can imagine why they are so popular.

Shoot the Ship features the maps Shipment and Shoot House. Shipment is a tiny map that features players battling it out in a shipping yard. This map is chaotic since it’s so small; right when gamers spawn, they must start fighting for their life.

Shipment is enjoyed by a lot of gamers, especially the ones that are into maximum carnage.

Shoot House is also a part of the new playlist and features close-quarter fighting as well. It’s a military training facility in the game’s central location Urzikstan and has received a lot of great feedback. Shoot House has its playlist called Shoot House 24/7, which has come and gone a few times.

Shoot the Ship was teased in reply to a Reddit post by an Infinity Ward employee.

byu/Hsark2 from discussion

Since that comment, gamers have been excited about the possibility of this new game mode. Without the ability to select a map in Modern Warfare, a lot of players haven’t been able to play Shipment as much as they want. And Shoot House is always welcomed, so the two together in a playlist will be the cherry on top of Modern Warfare gamers’ Christmas holidays.

It’s unclear as of right now how long Shoot the Ship will be available for, but knowing Infinity Ward, it won’t be forever. They have a knack for removing game modes whenever they have a new addition to bring in, and since Shoot the Ship is such a niche, it will probably only be available for a couple of weeks.

Shoot the Ship isn’t the only update to Modern Warfare’s playlist. The biggest news is that gamers will be able to earn double XP until December 27th. They will also climb up the Battle Pass Tiers at double the rate until the 27th.
These next few days are for the quality time with friends and family, as well as grinding Modern Warfare matches!