Princess Connect Re:Dive Will Have An English Global Mobile Release In 2021

Princess Connect Re:Dive Will Have An English Global Mobile Release In 2021
Credit: Crunchyroll Collection via YouTube

Crunchyroll Games and Cygames have announced the English-language release of Princess Connect Re:Drive next year on mobile. The game will be launched on both iOS and Android with the official trailer available now.

The game is a real-time action RPG where players can create a party with up to five characters. Players can then participate in PvE or PvP modes. Characters are collected with “gatcha” style mechanics, with some who are rarer than others.

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Princess Connect Re:Dive is also played online, where friends can join together and form clans to participate in group battles. When not in battle, friends can chat in-game and relax together with their favorite characters.

Princess Connect Re:Dive was developed by Cygames that was initially released in February 2018 and was the sequel to Princess Connect. The animated adaptation wrapped up in June 2020, with a second season currently in the works.

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There are currently pre-registration rewards for those who sign up early. Anyone who signs up before the official launch will receive at least 750 jewels. The more that pre-register on the official website, the more Jewels that everyone will receive. The rewards will be given out when the game officially launches.

Pre-registration is currently available on the iOS App Store, with Google Play Store registrations coming in the near future. The App Store currently lists the “expected” release date as March 1, 2021, but this may change.

The official Twitter account has stated that the names are wrong due to a data error. The names that will be used in the game are Pecorino, Karol, Kokomo, and Rei, so English users won’t have to worry about any unusual changes from the Japanese version.

The full list of countries for the English launch includes The Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS. The game was previously released in Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand.

Princess Connect Re:Dive will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. The pre-registration reward, Jewels, is the game’s in-app paid currency, so players should pre-register as soon as possible, so they don’t miss out on collecting the valuable gems.

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Princess Connect Re:Dive will launch on iOS and Android in early 2021.