VR Mannequin Horror Game A Wake Inn Releases New Trailer With Early 2021 Launch

VR Mannequin Horror Game A Wake Inn Releases New Trailer With Early 2021 Launch
Credit: A Wake Inn via Steam

VR Bros have announced the release window along with a new trailer for its upcoming VR horror title A Wake Inn. The game’s Steam store page is available now, with additional videos and screenshots of the horror to come.

A Wake Inn is a horror game with action, exploration, and puzzles. The protagonist wakes up as a human-sized doll inside of an abandoned, retro-style hotel. From what players can immediately see, something very tragic happened in the past that involved machinery. It’s up to players to find out exactly what happened.

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However, players also have to find out more about themselves, like who they are and how they ended up in the inn. Items left behind from other residents act as clues to the past but must be linked together to get the full picture.

The primary gameplay has players taking control of a mannequin who is confined to a wheelchair. The wheelchair control system is immersive and has players sitting in a chair and using the controllers to move around or be limited to where they can move next.

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During the adventure, players will hear from the mysterious Doctor Finnegan, who owns the estate. He accompanies players through a shortwave transmitter, but players will pick up other useful items along the way. Some of these items may need to be fixed or used to complete a missing piece of a puzzle.

The trailer shows the protagonist wandering through several different environments, such as the main halls of the hotel, elevators, and exterior of the building.

Other interactive items include a flashlight that lights up the dark hotel passages, but only if players can find batteries that work. The radio has custom stations to bring some music to the dark world. But the cinema may prove to be even more useful. Players can screen movies from reels found within the building.

Players will quickly see that there are other residents inside the inn that are in the same situation. These dolls are aggressive and must be avoided at all costs. Fighting should be the player’s last resort.

The protagonist can fight with melee weapons if necessary. The developer states that the dynamic, physic driven enemies can be completely avoided by successfully sneaking through the dark halls. Although the darkened hallways can seem troublesome at first, they provide good cover when near dangerous enemies.

VR Bros has estimated that A Wake Inn takes around five to six hours to complete. The game will support Valve Index, HTC Vive, Cosmos, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR.

VR Bros is a Krakow, Poland-based studio. For years the company developed commercial VR apps but has decided to use their skills and imagination to create a new experience. The developer strives to deliver a quality immersive experience to its players.

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A Wake Inn is planned to launch in early 2021 on PC via Steam.