The Survival-Horror Game Alien: Isolation Is Free On The Epic Games Store For One Day

The Survival-Horror Game Alien: Isolation Is Free On The Epic Games Store For One Day
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There have been quite a few good freebies on the Epic Games Store as of late. If you’re into survival horror or just appreciate the Alien movie franchise, then you might be interested in knowing that for the next 24 hours, Alien: Isolation will be absolutely free on the platform.

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This deal is for today and today only so if you’re in the mood for some scary gameplay where you try to survive a Xenomorph on the prowl in a spooky spaceship, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

Alien: Isolation is not one of those games that lets you get decked out in heavy-duty armor and or have access to a bunch of firepower. Normally, these things would be needed when pitted against a superior alien species like that of the xenomorph. Their teeth are sharp, their hunting instincts are second to none, and they will stop at nothing to take you out.

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In Isolation, Creative Assembly stripped down the game to where it’s just you as Amanda Ripley — Ellen’s daughter — and the Alien. That concept has certainly struck a cord with those that have experienced Alien: Isolation, particularly those playing in the dark.

You get an overwhelming sense of dread each time you spot the xenomorph as you have no real way of defending yourself. To stay alive, you have to outsmart a superior predator with exceptional senses.

As you adapt to stay alive, so will the alien. That keeps the challenge alive regardless of how much success you have in scavenging for resources and making it from one area to the next.

The entire time, you have a sense of dread that’s aided by the mysterious ship and ever-present darkness you’ve found yourself surrounded by. Every time a situation is presented, you have to go about it a particular way. Fortunately, the developer has given you a lot of useful resources that play a part in each task given.

The game also does a good job at providing a lot of meaningful lore as the events are set 15 years after the events in Alien.

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Again, if you’re an Alien fanatic, Isolationis something you must experience for its story, terror, and the alien that’s constantly on the lookout. You aren’t sacrificing anything except time too thanks to this freebie being available now on the Epic Games Store. It will leave you in suspense throughout the duration of your playthrough.