The Long Dark Can Now Be Picked Up For Free On The Epic Games Store

The Long Dark Can Now Be Picked Up For Free On The Epic Games Store
Credit: gameranx via YouTube

The Long Dark is a gripping survival-action game that challenges players to brave extreme elements throughout an open wilderness. You don’t have to worry about hostile threats taking you out. Only the elements will dictate your fate as you explore and use resources made available to you.

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If you haven’t experienced is exceptional survival elements, now you can for free because The Long Dark is available for just one more day on the Epic Games Store. It’s definitely a title you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for a compelling story, a captivating hero, and a world on the edge of destruction.

There are a lot of titles in the survival space right now, but The Long Dark excels in realism. The first-person perspective and the authentic challenges thrown your way definitely immerse you in the hard times your character now finds themselves faced with. If you can persevere and adapt, there is hope yet.

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You can go through the episodic story mode or you can enjoy the ultimate freedom in the Survival Mode. It lets you go out in an open wilderness, without direction or prompts from other characters. It’s just you, the elements, and your ability to survive an ever-changing and cold landscape.

There are a lot of supplies out there for the taking, but you have to find them first and decide how they can benefit each day out in the wilderness. You’ll find things like lights, cooking equipment, hunting gear, and more.

While you use these resources to your advantage, you have to be careful about your hunger levels and fatigue. Exhaust yourself too much and the cold nights will be much more torturous.

Also included in the Survival Mode is permadeath. That’s right. Make the wrong decision and die and you don’t have any saves to go back to. It elevates the tension you feel as you make your way around a seemingly limitless wilderness.

The Long Dark is the perfect title for survival enthusiasts that want to be challenged out of the gate. The developer doesn’t hold your hand and that’s refreshing to see. The game is about survival in its rawest form. What fun would it be if you had a bunch of prompts helping you through?

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Every successful action is an unforgettable experience that you’ll seek over and over. Now if you visit the Epic Games Store, it can be added to your library at no charge.