Back 4 Blood Can Now Be Pre-Ordered For Those That Want Bonus Rewards

Back 4 Blood Can Now Be Pre-Ordered For Those That Want Bonus Rewards
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Left 4 Dead franchise certainly left its mark on the co-op/zombie space. Players got the opportunity to fight off the living dead with others, where quick-thinking and teamwork were pivotal in surviving each round.

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Unfortunately, there were just two installments in this promising franchise. It seemed like a no-brainer to introduce a third installment, but unfortunately, nothing has materialized. That is until Back 4 Blood was announced by Turtle Rock Studios.

Although it doesn’t have the exact same name of the Left 4 Dead franchise — given that Valve owns the rights — it is a spiritual successor and seems to be picking up where Left 4 Dead 2 left off.

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If you’re sold on that concept alone, then you can get your pre-order in right now. Back 4 Blood isn’t coming out until Summer of 2021, but if you want to go ahead and reserve your copy of the Ultimate Edition, you’ll be treated to a lot of perks.

You have the base game of course, but then you have four days of early access and additional digital items — including skins and an annual pass system. It seems like a pretty great package to check out, especially if you’re a Left 4 Dead fanatic.

Very rarely do you get such a fun package in a co-op experience like what’s provided in this zombie series. It highlights the benefits of working together as a group to survive and mow down zombies.

The most recent trailer paints a pretty compelling experience thus far, improving upon graphics and throwing in new threats that will force players to rethink their survival skills and strategies.

The developer wanted to take elements found in the first two games and really double down on them in meaningful ways, including weapon and character variety, map openness, and objectives.

It seemed like Left 4 Dead was pretty much dead in the water these last couple of years, but finally, there is life with the series in Back 4 Blood. Hopefully, it can live up to expectations and continue to improve the franchise’s co-op design.

For the most part, it looks like the co-op shooter will play very similar to the first two titles — where players have to complete objectives and take out various threats before progressing to the next stage.

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If you like zombie games, then Back 4 Blood is definitely something you want to keep on your radar. Let’s hope the developer can deliver a finished product, with a few surprises that further the series.