Thanks To A Creative Mod, Alien: Isolation Will Be Playable With A Group Of Xenomorphs

Thanks To A Creative Mod, Alien: Isolation Will Be Playable With A Group Of Xenomorphs
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Alien franchise is beloved by many around the world. It features one of the most notorious antagonists in cinematic history: The xenomorph. Although it has been depicted with various designs over the years, one thing remains the same: The sheer terror it instills in its human prey.

There have been a couple of video games that have featured this iconic alien monster, but very few have achieved the same success as Alien: Isolation. It’s a survival-horror experience where you go around a spaceship, hiding from the xenomorph and searching for a way out.

Now, trying to hide from one of these alien creatures is hard enough. Imagine doing the same with a horde of xenomorphs moving about, trying to sniff out your location for their next meal. This nightmare is becoming a reality thanks to one creative modder by the name of Matt Flier. He took the liberty to introduce a mod that pits players against a bunch of xenomorphs at a time.

The idea of creeping about a creepy spaceship while a bunch of alien monsters seek you out sounds like a thrilling time. It ups the difficulty to a 10, which is not intended for novice players. Even the more advanced players will find it difficult to survive.

The mod isn’t currently live right now, as the modder is trying to perfect its designs. But still, it should make Alien: Isolation a completely different experience and worth revisiting if you’ve already completed the main story.

Players willing to brave this revved up difficulty will need to be on their A game as they move about the ship and perform tasks necessary to progress to different sections. It seems safe to assume that you’ll be doing a lot more hiding to stay hidden from the numerous predators.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Alien: Isolation, it’s a highly underrated survival- horror game. It strips away action-packed sequences and heavy-duty firepower and replaces it with critical-thinking and stealth. It’s a pretty nice change of pace from the previous games that have depicted these iconic xenomorphs.

There are times when it can seem a little slow, but there is always tension to keep you guessing. From start to finish, you’ll be looking around your shoulder for the xenomorph on board. Taking on a horde sounds like an insurmountable task, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see some gamers have success.