Pre-Orders Are Now Available For Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding On The PC

Pre-Orders Are Now Available For Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding On The PC
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Death Stranding is officially out now on the PS4. Gamers have been excited to get their hands on this unique project by Kojima Productions. It’s rare that a game like this comes out. People feel the need to purchase it just to experience the strange-factor alone. For that simple fact, it could sell really well.

Early a couple of months ago, it was confirmed that a PC release was coming down the pipe. Thus, PC users would get the chance to experience this emotionally-charged and unique game as well. If you have a PC and are hoping to get Death Stranding, pre-orders are now being accepted. Playing this game on a PC seems like a surreal and amazing experience.

From what we’ve seen in the trailers, the graphics look spectacular. Norman Reedus’ character — Sam — is shown wandering about the United States. You really do get an idea of the large scale of this game, especially as you approach rolling hills and mountain tops. The developers really took it to the next level in the visuals department, which should be even better on PC.

What seems to be garnering the most attention with Death Stranding — though — are the story and gameplay. If you don’t already know, this game is about bringing a fragmented society back together. A cataclysmic event has happened and nothing is as it seems. For humanity to have any chance of surviving, Sam will need to deliver connections to get society for it to become whole again.

Doing so requires him to travel great distances throughout the United States. That’s where the interesting gameplay sets in. You essentially walk around with packages in your back and a pod baby in the front. You have pretty unique vehicles to help you to get around faster and special items to reach various points on the map.

On paper, you might think gameplay is a little mundane. Yet, there’s something just so interesting about it all. As you walk, you keep the controls at a certain place to prevent Sam and the baby from toppling over.

The music playing in the background also enhances the whole experience. It gives added weight to what might seem like trivial tasks. However, nothing is trivial in this game. Everything you do matters in the grand scheme of things.

Death Stranding is already seeing a lot of commercial success, and it will be interesting to see what sort of lasting impact it can have on the gaming community.