Outpost Delta Is An Upcoming Metroidvania Set To Launch On Console And PC October 20th

Outpost Delta Is An Upcoming Metroidvania Set To Launch On Console And PC October 20th
Credit: Steam XO

Coming from developer Hidden Achievmenet is a brand new twin-stick sci-fi shooter titled Outpost Delta. This title is planning to launch onto Steam and Consoles later this month bringing palyers some fast-paced side-scrolling action. Enter into Delta, an automatic defence drone that has been unnoticed for years as you defend against an invading alien force.

Aliens known as the Klaath have come across the station and are here to find out its secrets. Delta has activated to defeat them, and alongside her companion AI she must find a way to bring down the Klaath. Protect your research station and navigate into its depths to stop the invading force.

In short, players are Delta and must enter into a unique 2D side-scrolling experience. You are the last mode of defence and alongside your AI companion, you get to defeat alien invaders.

Outpost Delta is an abandoned space station that has been floating out alone for years unnoticed. Due to this, Delta has been sleeping as they were not needed until now. Once the AI rebotted, it activated Delta who is the last of the official defense drones on the station.

The Klaath bring a ton of different weapons, enemies, and bosses to try and take over this abandoned station. Certain that it is filled with secrets, they will stop at nothing to claim it as theirs.

That is why Delta must equip a wide variety of weapons and tricks to try and gain an upper hand. In concept, this title reminds many fans of Samus from the suit design to the combat itself.

This title is in its core a classic platforming experience mixed with twin-stick shooting systems. As you defend the station, you will learn new abilities like how to control the stations gravity. Use everything you can to bring your enemies to their end and successfully complete your programmed objective.

Upgrade your suit, find extra power, and control the station with your AI companion. This is your world, your fight, and there is no backup coming. Players will experience a classic difficulty as they slowly make their way through teh station in a mission to repel the invading forces.

Outpost Delta will release on Steam and several Consoles as of October 20th. Till then, players should wishlist the title and epxlore the developers website for more information. There is a hefty amount of lore and design built into the back end of this title, keen players are sure to see the extra detail in the trailer and screenshots of this game.