Streamer xQcOW Finishes Minecraft in Just Under A Single Hour, Creating His Personal Best Record!

Streamer xQcOW Finishes Minecraft in Just Under A Single Hour, Creating His Personal Best Record!
Credit: xQcOW Via Twitch

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game that has led many content creators to gain a large amount of popularity either through speedrunning the game, having funny commentary while playing Minecraft, or showing off some of their fantastic creations made in Minecraft.

One example of a fantastic creation would be WeAreSteve’s Stop motion animations using Minecraft. These creations are both inventive and something not normally seen in the Minecraft builder community.

Minecraft YouTubers like Dream complete challenges in Minecraft and these challenges usually make Dream complete the game while either getting shocked by an electric bracelet or while his friends hunt him down and try to kill him.

This new game mode is called the Minecraft Manhunt and can have anywhere from one player to an unlimited number of players, but the more players trying to kill the speedrun the less likely he’ll be able to beat the game.

Another streamer by the user name of xQcOW beat Minecraft in just under an hour, which is a huge achievement and while not a world record, is still fantastic.

xQcOW did take a few tries to beat Minecraft in that short amount of time, but after a few tries, he was able to get the needed supplies and get to the End dimension and slay the Ender Dragon.

xQcOW after first spawning had to gather supplies to be able to not only survive the trip to the End Dimension but also the attacks that the End Dragon and Endermen will be throwing at him.

The Beds explore in the end allowing him to do massive damage to the Ender Dragon while staying away from all the Ender dragon’s attacks.

Astoundingly, at roughly the nine-minute mark he was already in the Nether dimension, where he spent the majority of his time getting blaze rods to create Eye of Enders. These are used to activate and locate the End Portal in the overworld and are the main uses for blaze rods.

At the fifty-nine minutes and thirty-second mark in the stream, xQcOW successfully killed the Ender dragon and officially had the credits rolling at fifty-nine minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

This may not have broken any records for speedrunner but it was xQcOW’s record time, while personally, that one hour mark seems like such a short amount of time to beat the game of Minecraft.