Prodeus Is Starting To Look Like A Doom Style Game With A Modern Killer Style

Prodeus Is Starting To Look Like A Doom Style Game With A Modern Killer Style
Credit: Steam XO

Enter in a new 90s style shooter as a new gore-filled experience enters the DOOM arena. Proteus is a title headed for Early Access in November that hopes to take on a blood-soaked journey of shooting mayhem. This title is a homage to the 90s shooter Doom, and that can be noticed just by glancing at it.

Enter into an action-packed shooter that features dismemberment, blood, and massive weapons. This is a game that strives to paint the universe red, and make the player sick with all the gore.

This title features a blend of modern and retro designs. This game modernizes the classic Doom formula and does come with a perfect Heavy Metal soundtrack. This entire game is molten lead, distorted guitars, and massive guns.

The development team hopes to find players in Early Access that are dedicated enough tot he title to really push it to its limit. Armed with a level editor, this title sets up the stage of user made content and adds in teh explosive gunplay to blast through each hand-made level.+

The development team have years of AAA experience, but they are trying to keep the game basic enough for aesthic and technical backing of an older system. This unique design creates a gorey indie experience that will launch this title years past the competition.

The game continues to hold true to the idea of secrets and exploration. While blasting through each gory and dedicated scene players will find that hellish destruction is matched by clever level design.

One feature that has caught a ton of fans’ attention is the monster design tiself. While the game holds to a 3D modern feel, the monster looks pixelized and mvoe as if they were in a retro game. This fits the aestehcic of the title perfectly while adding a layer of fear that is unfound in cleanly rendered 3d beasts.

This title will continue to grow through its early access design. Players will find new content, new features, and much more as they slowly explore this unique title.

Players who wish to particiapte early can request access to the early Prodeus playtest. Otherwise, the game is planning to release into Early Access as of November 10th.

DOOM and gore fans are sure to love this title as it pays special respect to the games that came before. Enter the 90s in a modern redesign of classic inspiration.