Minecraft’s Marketplace Currently Has Its Summer Sale Which Offers Some Fantastic Discounts On Dozens Of Items

Minecraft’s Marketplace Currently Has Its Summer Sale Which Offers Some Fantastic Discounts On Dozens Of Items
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft’s marketplace has a large amount of user-created content, and this is due to the more extensive player base that the Minecraft currently has obtained, with a monthly player base of 126 million and just recently topped 200 million sales! This has led to some fantastic creations to be added into the curated marketplace where users use the currency called Minecoin to purchase maps, skins, and other accessories.

Mojang Studios has also released DLC to the marketplace. One example of this is the recently released Pac-Man DLC. This DLC is only available in the Bedrock edition, and players that have the Java edition installed are entirely unable to access the marketplace.

While the Java edition of Minecraft is unable to access the marketplace, the Java edition can get access to the maps curated for the Realms and Realms Plus. Mojang adds specific maps and game modes to the realms access, but Java editions users won’t be able to benefit from the current summer sale.

Minecraft’s marketplace summer sale starts today, July third, and the sale ends on July thirteenth. During this sale, there are discounts on over seventy maps, skins, items, and even more! This sale is perfect for anyone that may have been looking for a specific marketplace item, but it was too expensive at the time.

One map that is a perfect example f this fantastic deal is the Advanced Mining created by Gamemode One. This pack costs an astounding 990 Minecoin typically, but because of the current summer sale, this fantastic marketplace item is priced at 248 Minecoin. This marketplace item gives the player both a world and a total of five different skins.

In addition to the number of items on sale, some free marketplace items are being given away for free!

One interesting fact is that Mojang Studios stated there is a free hidden emote in the sale, which was added during the Nether Update. No information regarding what the emote is, but users should keep their eyes peeled!

This means that even users that aren’t planning to spend any money should take a look around the sale and claim any free content that Mojang Studios is offering currently.

With the limited time, the sale being around just until July thirteenth means that players should look around and claim their free content while they still can!