LEC – Two Rogue Members And One G2 Member Finished The Summer Split With Most Number Of Kills

LEC – Two Rogue Members And One G2 Member Finished The Summer Split With Most Number Of Kills
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Kills were bound to be bountiful in the 2020 Summer Split as teams battled for supremacy in one of the most competitive regular seasons in LEC history. In the end, however, Larssen, Caps, and Hans Sama led the league with more than 80 kills each through 18 games.

Rogue have been one of the best League of Legends teams in Europe this summer, so it makes sense that two of their talented players led the league in kills. The team’s young mid laner Larssen evolved this past year to become more aggressive. And as a result, he collected 86 kills over the split.

Larssen isn’t alone at the top of the mountain, though. G2 Esports might not have dominated the season like we’ve seen them do before, but Caps still had another great split in terms of individual performance. The superstar mid laner also ended the season with 86 kills and 95 assists to boot. He did finish with 38 deaths, which is 12 more than his Rogue counterpart.

Veteran AD carry Hans Sama finished with the third-most kills of any player in the league with 80. His contributions to Rogue’s strong performance can’t be overlooked. He helped teach the young roster how to play with tempo and a bit more agency over the map.

Both teams will now look to take home the 2020 LEC Summer Split championship. Rogue already have something to celebrate since they’ve locked in a spot for themselves at Worlds 2020. But you can still expect both teams to fight tooth and nail over the LEC trophy.

Rogue’s Larssen gave his insight recently in an interview. When Larssen joined the interview, he was all smiles after locking in the No. 1 spot in Europe. Their path to Worlds had been confirmed and it was finally time for his team to step back and relish the moment.

He said it “[felt] good to be stress-free and just be happy” after winning a season that saw multiple teams rise up and challenge the top teams of the league. Rogue’s resurgence came after spending more than a year as a middle-of-the-pack squad, but their improvements stemmed from a ton of grinding.

“I was really sad last year because we could have reached [Worlds], but we obviously lost in playoffs against Schalke,” Larssen said. “My focus ever since that loss was to reach playoffs. So, it’s like one year of hard work and just focus paying off, [and] it feels really good.”

Larssen also said he started to play with a ton of confidence this year, especially after the addition of star AD carry Hans Sama. The talented marksman taught him how to play with tempo and speed, which helped push Rogue’s strong early game advantage into wins.