Rogue Pulled Off Incredible Backdoor Victory, Tie With MAD Lions For LEC Summer Split 2020 First Place

Rogue Pulled Off Incredible Backdoor Victory, Tie With MAD Lions For LEC Summer Split 2020 First Place
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The battle for the LEC crown has raged all throughout the 2020 League of Legends Summer Split. But after an intense 35-minute battle, Rogue took down MAD Lions to stay tied for first place in the regular season standings.

In week three, MAD Lions came out on top by pulling off a superior draft and executing their teamfights with ease. It felt like the tables had turned this time around for Rogue, however, especially with their team composition.

Rogue opted into a great composition with AD carry Steven “Hans sama” Liv on Aphelios, while the rest of the team chose champions with great peel. On the other side of the Rift, MAD Lions chose a composition with plenty of dive but could not find any good engage opportunities.

The early game started off well for Rogue—as it usually does. This team is known for their strong early games, and they were able to grab a couple of kills before the five-minute mark. This quick start helped snowball their lead into the mid and late-game stages, where they outmaneuvered MAD Lions in their various teamfights.

Things started to eventually heat up when MAD began to find more and more kills, especially on Marek “Humanoid” Brázda’s AP Kog’Maw. The talented mid laner was the big carry force for MAD, and he tried his best to bring his team to victory. Late in the game, however, both teams postured up to fight over Infernal Soul, which is where one of the most exciting finishes of the season finally took place.

After this brilliant backdoor by Rogue, they have now given themselves a chance to secure first place in the LEC Summer Split. They just need to beat an Origen squad that was recently eliminated from playoff contention.

MAD Lions, on the other hand, will aim to secure themselves first place—and an automatic Worlds qualification—tomorrow in their match against Schalke 04. This might not be an easy task either, since the boys in blue are currently on a six-game winning streak.

This win happened a day after Vitality pulled off an upset against Rogue. This League of Legends game began with early leads across the entire map for Vitality. They secured early objectives and kills to create a 1,000 gold lead by 10 minutes.

The match then slowed down for the most part with both teams trading neutral objectives. A teamfight around the 35th minute, however, gave Vitality the boost they needed to secure a clear path to victory.