LEC – G2 Esports Won Its Eight Title After Taking Down Fnatic During LEC Summer Split 2020 Finals

LEC – G2 Esports Won Its Eight Title After Taking Down Fnatic During LEC Summer Split 2020 Finals
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

G2 Esports have earned their fourth LEC title in a row, totaling eight League of Legends titles over the organization’s history, after a dominant 3-0 win against Fnatic in the 2020 Summer Finals.

G2 bounced back following last week’s loss against Fnatic and came much more prepared with their drafts. Caps played phenomenally and throughout the entire split overall, earning himself his third Split MVP award of his career.

The series began with a surprise Shen pick in the jungle by G2. They countered Fnatic’s aggressive playstyle by using Shen’s ultimate to stop their opponents from outnumbering them in small skirmishes. Jankos popped off, leaving Fnatic flabbergasted as they kept losing all fights due to his ultimate.

Following the huge Jankos performance in the first game on Shen, his pick was banned in the first draft phase by Fnatic in match two. Jankos was given Sett instead, one of his best-performing picks this split. Fnatic failed to properly deal with the juggernaut, who roamed everywhere around the map and ensured his laners had backup whenever Fnatic went for a play.

Fnatic tried to stop the bleeding and focused on obtaining the Mountain Dragon Soul. They were successful, but it didn’t help much against G2’s composition, which was focused on a long teamfight instead of short bursts. Following the 42-minute brawl in which G2 aced their opponents, they finished the game and sent the series to match point.

The last game looked the closest with both teams bringing out their most powerful picks. Fnatic banned away Shen once again but still gave up Sett to Jankos, who secured early leads and had good dragon control. While Fnatic managed to equalize the gold lead, one crucial skirmish for the Dragon Soul sealed their fate. They lost the teamfight, the Dragon Soul, and the series shortly after.

G2 looked phenomenal throughout the entire series with most members completely outclassing their opponents. Caps, however, was on an entirely new level, making his opponent Nemesis look like a gold-tier mid laner.

This win for G2 Esports means a lot in the long run. They will be going to the World Championship as LEC’s first seed and will avoid the top teams from other regions. Their group at this Worlds is quite easy thanks to this and should be able to get out of it as first or second seed without issues. They’ve avoided all top teams from other regions and should have a good chance at the title this year.