Jetboard Joust Is A Retro Arcade Shooter With A Unique Twist Headed To Steam October 23rd

Jetboard Joust Is A Retro Arcade Shooter With A Unique Twist Headed To Steam October 23rd
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a unique fusion of classic arcade action with a twist. Jetboard Joust comes from publisher Freedom! Games and developer BitBull and for now it is set on target for Steam later this month and Nintendo Switch next year.

This title combines a classic bit-style with a traditional gameplay model. Players will have to soar in circles around the boss as they defend civilians from alien raiders. Using an arsenal of heavy weapons, players must protect the skies and attempt to maintain a high altitude at the same time. Think of this as a crazy rocket-powered dogfight on a skateboard.

Jetboard Joust is a classic arcade shoot em up mixed with rogue-lite mechanics that allows players a chance to stop aliens from abducting babies. Use the power of your jetboard as you attack a wide array of enemies and unlock even more dangerous weaponry. Battle bosses, blow stuff up, and protect babies.

The game centers around the jetboard. As you leap from the jetboard you gain invincibility while the jetboard attacks the aliens. You can destroy pretty much anything in your way using the power of this machine.

The enemies are made up of a wide range of aliens. Each of them comes with their own special attacks that you must outmaneuver and discover. There are even a few tributes to retro classic enemies.

As for weapons, player will get to upgrade their jetboard with a ton of different combinations. The goal is to lay destruction against all enemies you encounter, to that you will need a much bigger arsenal of weapons and gear.

Each level comes with a huge boss that will take players through an epic multi-stage battle experience.  From bees to fish the aliens take the form of familiar creatures, but they are anything but what they appear to be.

Travel across five different planets where you can find tons of hidden treasure, extra upgrades, and even more weapons. Adapt to each route, change your weapons as needed, and unlock even better gear with every run.

This game takes more than just a classic appearance. It brings with it a classic spirit making it a difficult experience to make it through even the early levels.

Jetboard Joust: Scourge of the Mutants will release on October 23rd for Steam. Next year, the game is planned to release for Nintendo Switch bringing its unique action to a whole new audience.