It Appears That Breath Of The Wild NPCs Were Created Using An Advanced Mii Maker

It Appears That Breath Of The Wild NPCs Were Created Using An Advanced Mii Maker
Credit: SwitchForce via YouTube

Everyone that has had a Nintendo in the past decade has likely created a Mii of themselves, a cartoonish version of their own faces that allows them to be put inside of the game with cute accessories along with a lobby of others that have similarly customized themselves.

It was never much beyond a fun way to make an avatar, so it seemed, although there were certain Mii’s that would show up that would guarantee you would need to get a bit sweaty.

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A Twitter user has made an interesting deduction, however, that seems to imply that the Mii Maker goes far beyond what many have presumed, to the point that it was the basis of building NPCs within Nintendo’s believed open-world Zelda title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Beyond that, he’s even offering to inject Miis into the game via modding for those that want to help Link on his journey of rebuilding cities, chopping down trees, or anything besides saving Princess Zelda who, if you need reminding, is locked in a battle of life and death with the very aura of evil.

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Still, shield surfing is a blast.

The similarities between the Miis and the NPCs are difficult to deny, although the NPCs are clearly far better modeled for Breath of the Wild than we would see in, say, Wii Sports.

Take note of Matt though: he is not to be trifled with in any sport.

While this is possible to inject your own persona into Breath of the Wild, you’re looking to do so only with modding: a feature that isn’t currently possible on the Nintendo Switch as console creators are concerned about the security of their device. Rooting, or hacking, your Switch would be a solid first step, but the full instructions are not yet published for everyone to dabble with just yet.

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Of course, this opens the path to having a further discussion about the future ability to mod titles that are locked onto consoles: we’ve long said that Breath of the Wild completely missed a monumental opportunity to actually fish across breathtaking vistas that would have worked well with the cooking mechanics, and modding could have brought that closer to fruition.

As it stands, as with every console exclusive, we’re frankly stuck with the absolute vision that the developers had when they launched the content, whether base game or DLC, and it frankly seems detrimental to the lifespan of an innumerable number of titles.