Humble Monthly Subscription Evolving Into Pricier New Service Humble Choice

Humble Monthly Subscription Evolving Into Pricier New Service Humble Choice
Credit: Humble Website

The Humble Bundle has long served as an excellent opportunity for gamers to try out a handful of titles for $12 a month. Players will receive from 6 to 10 redeemable game codes at a highly discounted rate.

Most of the games are smaller indie titles, but there are often big publisher sales. These significant discounts on AAA games are what keeps bringing many gamers back each week for every new Humble Bundle announcement or publisher sale.

The Humble library has quickly grown from games-only to software and tech-related books.

It was recently announced that the Humble Monthly would make a major change by becoming Humble Choice.

The biggest change to the service is gamers can choose the games they get, according to what is allotted in their tier.

The mystery will be revealed upfront. The reveal may ruin the fun for some gamers, but those looking to watch for their budget may appreciate the transparency.

The charity aspect of the Humble Monthly will remain the same. Every 5% of gamers’ purchases will be donated to charity every month.

Current subscribers are grandfathered into the Classic Plan, the second-highest tier, but still $12. This tier includes a variety of ten curated games, access to Humble Choice, the treasure trove, a store discount, and original games and beta access.

Gamers subscribed to the Classic plan will retain their discounted price for as long as they stay a member. If they choose to leave and then come back, they’ll have to pay a higher subscription fee.

Additional tiers include the $4.99 Lite plan, $14.99 Basic, and Premium plan for $20. All levels are discounted if gamers purchase a yearlong plan.

The Lite Plan may be the least desirable for some. Though it is the cheapest available, gamers don’t have access to the newest Humble Monthly bundles. They can only choose from the Humble Trove library. The Trove does have many treasures throughout, but some gamers may feel left out.

Gamers who love the Humble service may feel more attracted to the Premium plan, which grants all the bonuses of previous tiers, including a 20% discount on all games in the Humble Store.

The release date for Humble Choice has yet to be revealed, but Humble has stated they’re aiming to launch by the end of 2019.