Sneak Peek: Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Nears Release On Steam, Offers Unique Adventure As A Researcher Filling Their Journal

Sneak Peek: Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Nears Release On Steam, Offers Unique Adventure As A Researcher Filling Their Journal
Credit: Fishing Cactus via YouTube

Typing games have a unique take that seemingly goes against decades of game theory, where the controls are ideally as intuitive as plausible for all players; typing games, however, pit the players typing speed and technique against on-screen elements that encourage players to type ever-faster.  From the original Kid’s Typing in 1994 that taught children that typing fast enough can horrify a normal Americana household, to the more recent The Typing of the Dead that pits literal keyboard warriors against hoards of undead and their masters, it’s a unique genre that is often overlooked.

Fans of this genre have reason to celebrate, as Nanotale – Typing Chronicles is slated for release on October 23.  Playing as the female protagonist Rosalind, a novice Archivist, players are tasked with the seemingly innocuous task of gathering plant and rock samples from a valley that culimates in her fighting for her life via her magical Archivist journal.

Exploring the beautifully hand-crafted isometric landscape, Nanotale – Typing Chronicles boasts that everything is done via keyboard in their indie gem; from movement to combat, and even the menus in between.  Fledgling adventurers that wish to join Rosalind in the mystical world of puzzles and combat must be poised and at the ready, as enemies will come from all sides of the screen to stop Rosalind’s adventure, with clear words overlayed on the enemies that the player must type quickly and accurately to destroy them.

Yet Nanotale – Typing Chronicles isn’t content to stop there, with simplistic ‘type to kill’ mechanics; Rosalind is a powerful sorcerer in her own right, and can combine various words to alter her spells to cast area-of-effect magic to clear groups of enemies or rays that attack enemies in a line.  Combine this with on-screen puzzles that must be thought through while protecting our protagonist, and the gentle romp through an idyllic valley quickly becomes a tense fight for life.

It’s during these moments when Rosalind’s life is on the line that the actual typing becomes almost an afterthought, and the game’s true beauty shines through.  There’s very little in terms of obstacles between the player and the game; the controls are understood near-instantly, and the player only has themselves to blame for failing to keep Rosalind alive.  While this may be a deterrent to some, a fun typing game turned typing study, seasoned veterans of the genre will relish the opportunity to pit themselves against the creativity of Nanotale – Typing Chronicles.

If nothing else, Nanotale – Typing Chronicles promises PC gamers a unique look at the life as a magical Archivist following in her grandfathers’ footsteps, replete with puzzles, magic, and intense fights.  With a 2019 Indiecade award presented to the developers Fishing Cactus, it’s looking to be a pleasant romp in an underutilized genre.