Halo Infinite Is Set For A Fall 2021 Release, As Reported By 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Is Set For A Fall 2021 Release, As Reported By 343 Industries
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Halo Infinite has been a highly anticipated shooter from the developer 343 Industries. They’ve teased the open-ended first-person shooter all throughout 2020 in anticipation of its release on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

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The developer wasn’t able to meet this timeframe, which caused many to temper their expectations about what a next-gen Halo would be like to play. They had to switch things up because of the mixed reviews from the campaign demo they put out earlier in the year.

343 Industries didn’t want to just sit back and potentially have their hard work be all for not before the game even releases. They instead went back to the drawing board to give fans something worthy of their time and dollar.

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It has been a little bit since new developments on Halo Infinite surfaced, but now, that drought is over. In a recent interview the developer held to give fans an update on how Halo Infinite was coming, they decided to provide a Fall 2021 release window.

Alas, it looks like there is finally light at the end of a tunnel that has been a bit rocky up to this point. There is still a bit of waiting that fans of the series will have to endure, but at least there is a concrete time period.

In addition to the new release window, 343 Industries decided to put out some new screenshots showing what they’ve been polishing. Fans are probably still eager to see an adjusted demo to hold them over, but the new screenshots do look promising.

The Halo franchise has been pivotal for the Xbox consoles over the years. If Halo Infinite can be improved by the developer like they say they’re doing, then it could be one of the better installments to date. That would be huge for the Xbox Series X as a whole as it tries to compete with the PS5 and its bevvy of exclusive titles.

It’s still far off from Fall 2021, but hopefully in the not too distant future, 343 Industries puts out detailed trailers showing the polishing that has been going on.

There are already a lot of promising elements to this latest installment, from the open-ended designs to the free multilayer. Now the developer needs to come through on promises they’ve made.

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They’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in 2020, with one of the more recent being the release of director Chris Lee. They need all of the momentum they can get right now, which starts with reassuring fans of what’s to come.