Halo: The Master Chief Collection Has Begun Their Ugly Sweater Event On Steam

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Has Begun Their Ugly Sweater Event On Steam
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Let’s begin by dashing your hopes; you cannot unlock an ugly holiday sweater for your Spartan to wear as they fight other Spartans, or the Covenant.  Unfortunate for players of Steam’s long-lasting top-selling title, but there is at least an event that Spartans around the world can compete for, all in the holiday spirit.  Players can unlock a new nameplate that features a swatch of the infamous ugly sweater of the holidays by competing in various snowy matches, either against others or in the campaign.

Only a few select maps can be played to unlock the unique nameplate, and they’re all snowy.  On top of the nameplate, players can also receive double experience for everything completed online for the duration of the event that lasts until January 5th, 2020.

In regards to online PvP, we have three maps that can be played to earn the reward.  Ten matches must be played, in either PvP or Firefight game modes, without quitting; the match must come to its natural end, win or lose.  The maps Sword Base, Solitary, and Glacier are all available maps for the multiplayer game modes.

Alternatively, you can ‘Reach’ to complete the par score on either of the two snow-bound campaign maps ONI Sword Base, or The Package.

Of note, is that Steam patch notes do specify the maps of Halo: Reach, which belays the hint that these small challenges will continue well into the future, plausibly encompassing all titles within the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  With the main menu of the game on Steam offering all titles thus far within the Halo franchise, it’s also plausible that we will see massive challenges in the future, spanning all titles to discern the master Master Chief.

Finally, the release patch notes of the Ugly Sweater event mention some less than favorable matchmaking behavior that will begin being punished.  It seems as though online matchmaking has been filled with people quitting matches early (spoiler: it is), thus tipping the matchmaking in favor of teams that don’t leave.

Beyond players leaving, they also mention individuals attempting to exploit the progression system, idling for rewards, and griefing teammates.  Hopefully, the griefing they are referring to is only online, and not within the campaign with close friends; Halo loses some of its luster if you can’t murder your teammates simply for existing in the same map as you all attempt to clear the Covenant from planet Reach.

343 states that the banhammer is incoming for those that are actively looking to spoil the online matchmaking experience for others, so bear in mind that forewarned is forearmed.