Rocket League Season 8 World Champions Have Been Crowned, NRG Esports Wins The Gold

Rocket League Season 8 World Champions Have Been Crowned, NRG Esports Wins The Gold
Credit: Rocket League Esports via YouTube

The Rocket League Champion Series Season 8 has finally wrapped up with the Season 8 World Championships, crowning gamers with Rocket League gold. NRG Esports has proved that they are the best soccer-vehicle players by beating out 11 other teams in Madrid, Spain.

Season 8 was the second season in 2019, and featured some fantastic gameplay with some highly skilled teams.
Twelve teams competed in Madrid, and after three days of Rocket League play, NRG Esports claimed gold and a $200,000 USD check. There was a total of $529,500 up for grabs last weekend, with each team guaranteed some cash.

Here is the breakdown of the placement and prize money earnings for the Season 8 World Championships (all winnings in USD):

1st place: NRG Esports – $200,000
2nd place: Renault Vitality – $120,000
3rd/4th place: Spacestation Gaming and Dignitas – $40,000 each
5th/6th place: Veloce Esports and Pittsburgh Knights – $24,750 each
7th/8th place: Team Reciprocity and Renegades – $16,000 each
9th to 12th place: eUnited, Lowkey Esports, Canberra Havoc, and The Three Sins – $12,000 each

There was a huge drop off from second and third place in terms of prize earnings, however, at least each team got some money for competing.

NRG Esports was part of Group A for the Group Stage of the World Championships. They received a bye from the first round of matches, and defeated Lowkey Esports and Renault Vitality in double-elimination bracket play to move on to the Playoffs.

In the Playoffs, NRG Esports had a bye as well, and by defeating Spacestation Gaming and Renault Vitality, they became the Season 8 World Champion.

Here is a replay video of the Playoffs:

The players for NRG Esports showed up. They all had exceptional performances, with “jstn” winning the Day 2 MVP accolade, and “Turbopolsa” being crowned the Day 3 MVP, and ultimately the World Championship MVP. By becoming the MVP of the entire event, “Turbopolsa” received an extra five grand.

Millions of people streamed the tournament on Twitch last weekend, and there were thousands in attendance at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid. For years, Rocket League has had a hardcore fanbase, which is a huge reason why Rocket League esports has been so successful.

Season 9 should be starting in a few months, which will give Rocket League fans and gamers something to look forward to!

NRG Esports is a well-known North American organization with teams competing in multiple different games, including Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Clash Royale. They also own the team Chicago Huntsmen, who will be competing in the brand-new Call of Duty League.