Good Night, Knight Launches Into Steam Early Access On February 16

Good Night, Knight Launches Into Steam Early Access On February 16
Credit: Good Night Knight Website

No Gravity Games and RedEmber have announced their upcoming title Good Night, Knight will enter Steam Early Access in February. The game will also launch on GOG in the near future.

Good Night, Knight is a sneak-and-slash RPG filled with humor and action. The game stars a knight living in a world where the enemies have been slain, the princess is safe, and the kingdom no longer needs a knight’s protection. As the knight prepares to retire, he falls asleep.

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When the knight awakes, he suddenly falls into a mysterious underworld. The knight has lost his memories and once again is tasked with possibly saving the world once again.

The game itself mixes procedural generation with hand-made puzzles. The story contains dark humor to keep players entertained.

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Combat is described as heavy-hitting and deliberate with robust stealth mechanics, plus enemies with unique movesets. Skill, timing, and good positioning will be key to survival.

Stealth also plays an important role. The knight can sneak and peek around corners with the help of the dynamic field-of-view system. Players will learn how and where enemies are patrolling to catch them off guard or slice right through them.

Each dungeon is unique, and each playthrough will be different. Players can continue to challenge the game for a new experience each time.

As players progress through the underworld, there are a variety of game-changing items to obtain. Before players venture forth, they have to gather resources for combat and manage how many items they have on-hand. If the battle becomes too difficult, players can retreat to rest of venture forward to collect better rewards.

The game does not contain any permadeaths. Progress is saved as players progress, but death has severe consequences. Players can make the game more challenging with an optional “Ironman Mode” where the knight loses everything upon death.

Good Night, Knight is expected to stay in Early Access for around one year. The exact time depends on the development process and feedback from players. The developer wants to release only the most polished version of the game.

The Early Access version includes two full areas filled with content, character leveling, crafting, and part of the story.

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Good Night, Knight launches on Steam Early Access and GOG on February 16. A free demo is available now.