Apparition Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch

Apparition Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch
Credit: Apparition

The exciting first-person horror survival experience Apparition is available on the Nintendo switch. Players can grab their camera, and travel to haunted locations to try and prove the existence of the supernatural. this is a unique horror title that gives players a unique thrill of discovery into the unknown.

The title comes from polish indie game developer MrCiatku and publisher No Gravity Games. As this title introduces the Nintendo Switch comunity to its unique world of ghosts, demons, and spirits it will redefine horror for a new group of players. This is a title that not only bring documentation but has a Spirit Board as a main means of contacting the dead.

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Enter into a first-person horror experience as you find yourself in the middle of a forest. It is the dead of night, and you are here to talk to the spirits of the dead using your Spirit Board. Capture the evidence but beware as demons do not like being disturbed by humans on the hunt.

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Use the spirit board as a main means of communication as you summon and question the dead. This is a dark forest and players are sure to notice mysteries, apparitions, and other terrifying phenomena among their work. Try and stay safe as you communicate with the dead.

This is a unique fictional title set in the haunted forest of Green Creek. There are tons of apparitions and more to be discovered and documented using your audio recorder and camera. Put yourself into danger to prove the existence of the unknown.

As you document the dead you will find that they can become more agitated and angry with your meddling. choose wisely what questions to ask and be careful as the dead often hunt the living that wanders to close to their border.

The more you prove the existence of the dead the more gear you have access to. Customize your loadout and choose carefully between different pieces of equipment as you try and discover the unknown.

Hide from the creatures as you explore deeper into the forest. There is much you do not understand, and the supernatural beings are not here to explain. Become a ghost hunter in this unique title.

This is not a game for players of all ages. It does contain violence, gore, and mature content. Be warned that it is spooky and filled with jumpscare material.

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Apparition is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.