Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is A Sensation, But The Game Is Far From Perfect Right Now

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is A Sensation, But The Game Is Far From Perfect Right Now
Credit: Mediatonic via YouTube

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched with huge hype surrounding it. Since launch yesterday it’s had 300,000 viewers on Twitch the entire time. The game is addictive, amazing to play with your friends, but also pretty broken.

A few hours ago the devs had to shut off the matchmaking entirely to try and scale up the servers. Despite the massive hype surrounding the game, the servers just aren’t up to the task of handling the number of people trying to play Fall Guys right now.

How is Fall Guys performing after its server reset? Better, but still not perfect. There are still reports from players across both PS4 and Steam that the game disconnects them regularly. You’re in the middle of grabbing the crown and – poof. The server explodes.

Hosting a party is another sour patch. In Fall Guys you can have up to 4 people in your party at a time, but a combination of infinite loading screens, poor server connections and random disconnects, it’s can be quite frustrating trying to play with 4.

Others have reported problems with input lag. This might be a strange mix of the floaty control system – which looks like an intentional design point – and server lag. The reports since the server refresh have been mixed – some improvements, some the same, some worse.

This is all to be expected for a release the size of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. So far the social media team has been on-point with communication about the servers. Both the main Fall Guys account and the FallGuysOwl posted regular updates about what the team are doing to keep on top of the issues.

Overall the response to Fall Guys has been positive. The game is seriously addictive. Even though there actually aren’t many different game modes (and the team game modes SUCK), this is still a game you can sink many, many hours into.

The Fall Guys servers are still getting attention and will hopefully improve as time goes on. Fewer players mean more stable servers and once the hype dies down the game will be playable again.

Will they add new levels and game modes? Hopefully!