Early Previews Of Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Now Available Ahead Of Launch Later This Year

Early Previews Of Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Now Available Ahead Of Launch Later This Year
Credit: Headup Games via YouTube

Publisher Headup Games previously announced it was working with AMC to release Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead later this year. As the game crawls slowly closer to launch, Headup Games is working with content creators to release gameplay videos and more.

One of the first gameplay videos comes from YouTuber Drae in a new video around 18 minutes long. The game is based on the AMC live-action adaptation of the show. Drae takes viewers through some of the initial gameplay, which primarily involves building bridges to help survivors escape dangerous situations.

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The Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman is about a post-apocalyptic world where the undead have taken over. The series focuses on small groups of survivors as they fight against the creatures but also have to survive the new world and the human evils that have emerged.

The game will feature some of the franchises’ most popular characters, such as Eugene, Michonne, and Daryl Dixon. Both characters appeared on the initial key art when the game was first announced.

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The gameplay video showcases some of the gameplay so far. Overall, the game has similar features to the Bridge Construction series. The bridges start off easy but then need additional support.

The environments will range from the inside of buildings, across broken highways, and more. Players will get time indoors and outdoors, where the environment will make a major difference in how well bridges work or how poorly they fail.

Players only have a limited amount of resources available. As the game progresses, the structures only increase in size but have to support the number of survivors and vehicles crossing them.

Construction items include movable level objects, explosives, and bait. Players will have to lure the walkers away from the survivors or destroy them before they can attack.

Seeing the undead fall for the traps are even more entertaining. The game contains physics-based features and ragdoll animations. Big explosions can send walkers flying across the screen.

This isn’t the first time Bridge Constructor has teamed up with a popular franchise. In 2013, the game collaborated for Bridge Constructor: Portal.

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There is currently no release date available for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. The title is planned to launch sometime this year for PC via Steam, Xbox One and Series S/X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Mobile.