Headup Games Announces Mystery-Adventure Truberbrook For Mobile This Year

Headup Games Announces Mystery-Adventure Truberbrook For Mobile This Year
Credit: Truberbrook via Steam

BTF’s Truberbrook was released one year ago in March 2019. The game was released on multiple platforms upon launch. Publisher Headup Games recently announced the game would soon be coming to mobile devices as well.

The announcement was made on the game’s official social media accounts.

Truberbrook is a thrilling mystery adventure game set in rural Germany in the late 1960s. The player takes the role of young American physicist Tannhauser, who happens to end up in the eponymous village of Trüberbrook, an aging but beautiful health resort somewhere in the densely forested countryside of West Germany. Tannhauser, while working on his Ph.D thesis comes to Trüberbrook seeking to crack a tiresome mental block. But something in this town seems strangely spaced out – and instead of getting some rest, Tannhauser needs to do nothing less than saving the world.” states the official game summary.

Truberbrook is a modern point-and-click adventure game. Players walk to different scenes and investigate the area for important items. The game takes some patience to ensure all important items are found. Missing a vital item because of impatience can lead to backtracking to previous areas.

The game itself has an impressive combination of real-life and digital graphics. Truberbrook was developed by using miniature scale models with a 3D scanner. The developers used these models in combination with other visual effects.

Truberbrook was inspired by tv shows like Twin Peaks and the X-Files but incorporates more humor into its story.

The anniversary livestream on Steam, played by the developer, went into detail about the game, such as the background and some documentary material.

The Truberbrook team plans to release the game on both the Play Store and App Store. The official website already lists the icons for both for where players can expect to play the game.

Details regarding the release were slim. There’s no information on how much the game will cost, if there will be any release day discounts, or the changes that will be made from console to mobile.

Truberbrook is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. A set release date for the game on mobile has not yet been announced but is scheduled for launch this year.