Dodo Peak Is Headed To Nintendo Switch Fans Allowing Them To Take Part In Some Dodo Platforming Action

Dodo Peak Is Headed To Nintendo Switch Fans Allowing Them To Take Part In Some Dodo Platforming Action
Credit: Screenwave Media Games via Youtube

The mobile platformer Dodo Peak is making its way onto the Nintendo Switch later this month. Players will be able to pre-purchase the title as soon as July 13. Enjoy a platforming adventure where you will have to grab coins, dodge snakes, and avoid monkeys as you complete stage after stage.

This is a game that rewards quick thinking and strategic planning. Players should think about every move they make or risk losing baby dodos. It is up to you to protect the dodo flock and navigate each level to completion.

Dodo Peak is a platforming experience that is already available on mobile devices. After a successful life, the developer have decided to port the title onto Steam so a whole new audience can enjoy the hand-crafted experience.

Enjoy over 50 beautiful levels, each with their own unique layout, goal, and enemy setup. Plan your approach and enjoy the unique and fun scenery in every level. This game is simple to learn and enjoyable to master.

The controls are simple. On mobile, the game operates using touch controls that anyone can learn to use. On the Nintendo Switch, these controls become even easier to operate giving the game a fluid and natural feel.

Enjoy a vibrant selection of unique environments. From tropical island to sunset hills, players will encounter beautiful scenery while going on an epic dodo adventure.

As you progress through the title, you can unlock tons of comical and unique dodos. Collect coins and purchase new dodos to add to your collection. There is surely a dodo for everyone somewhere in this unique title.

The game offers seamless offline play and cloud save data that will allow you access no matter what device you play on. Compete against other players to try and become the fastest on the leaderboard as you play in unique competitive challenges. The challenges will add more difficult remixed versions of the core levels each week allowing for a varied experience.

Moving Pieces, the developers, are a group of veterans from the gaming and tech industry. They love mixing modern game design with classic elements to create a timeless experience for all players on every platform.

Dodo Peaks is available on mobile devices right now. Players will have to wait until July 31 for a Nintendo Switch release. If you want to purchase the game early, the pre-purchase begins on July 13. Get ready to save some dodos in this unique bird-filled world.