Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Saves Come With Some Weird Restrictions For Cloud Saving

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Saves Come With Some Weird Restrictions For Cloud Saving
Credit: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Website

There is some big old fashioned bad news out there just sitting around like a land mine for anyone who might end up finding out about it. We are talking about something that is just going to blow everyone’s mind. This is the kind of stuff that will make anyone blush a little bit, and this time it is all about the save data. If you want to save anything for Animal Crossing, then you will have to save it the old fashioned way, and this can spell some bad news for the mega fans who have upgraded to the power of the cloud.

Only a few months ago, the word went out, and we heard it all around the world. It turns out that there was going to be a new edition to the world’s most powerful slice of life game, Animal Crossing. And this time, the developers promised us, the little animals we all know and love would actually make the crossing. But there is one major set back here. It will be really rough for us steady-state savers.

This is where all the trouble starts out. The game will only allow the player to put one save down per every Switch the game is owned on. That means you cannot play the game on another Switch if something happens to your big old Nintendo Switch console. That’s bad news for several reasons.

Many players love to play their games on multiple Nintendo Switches. This allows them to maximize the power output they can get from each Switch. These pro players use each Switch to maximize the single activity they need to use it for, and if you are a mega-fan, then you know this a key to succeeding in the world of professional gameplay.

But there are many other problems too. Some of them are just now becoming mainstream.

First of all, you can only create an island per save. And if you know anything about the power of the islands within the Animal Crossing universe, then you know it is absolutely key to have multiple islands going at once so you can minimax the amount of time you spend cultivating relationships with each of the in-game characters.

Also, there is absolutely NO cloud access out here. How can you play a game these days without cloud access? What if there is a major power outage on the Western seaboard, and then everything you have been working towards all of this time is suddenly wiped out forever and ever. How could you live with this? It would be so tough.