Commander ’85 Is An New Sci-Fi Thriller Available on PC And Xbox One

Commander ’85 Is An New Sci-Fi Thriller Available on PC And Xbox One
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a unique sci-fi thriller that allows you to decide the fate of the entire world by using an advanced system. Commander 85 will allow players a chance to become friends with an advanced AI. The entire process will slowly lead you to one of three possible endings as you craft a machine that may one day hold the entire fate of the world in its hands.

While this title may seem slow, every decision makes itself known as important. Players will be immersed into a unique environment as they enjoy the 80s environment. This tile is truly unique, and it plays off a very familiar and honestly terrifying idea: artificial intelligence.

The year is 1985 and your mother has just given you a birthday present: a Commander 85. This unique computer is a modern supercomputer with artificial intelligence. As a smart machine, it can talk and play games and do much more.

What starts as a birthday present ends up changing your life forever. Enter into Chicago, and watch as a military experiment slowly gets out of control and the entire world must endure the threat of nuclear war.

This is a sci-fi thriller that places the entire fate of the world in your interaction with an AI. Build a relationship with the machine as it listens to your sarcasm, watches your quarrels with your parents, and changes based on the plot of the title. This game continues to evolve with different factors leading in drastically different directions.

Enter the life of Polish immigrants in the 1980s. Learn about their culture, their problems, and recall some of your own childhood at the same time. Complete chores, watch the world, and allow the computer to learn from your experience.

This title includes tons of Easter Eggs and 80s references. Every decision and choice you make allows the innovative AI to learn. Mix that with randomly generated plot points and every run will become an interesting and unique adventure.

The game provides players with tons of games and programs that can be ran on the Commander. Unique radio stations have been created for the game to give it a realistic and changing perspective.

Commander 85 is planned to release on Steam as of September 30th. The title is available on PC and Xbox One bringing this unique title to a wide audience of sci-fi fans. Prepare to teach an AI everything that it needs to know for the future of mankind.