BioWare Has Announced The Release Of The N7 Tactical Gear Set For Outdoor Activities

BioWare Has Announced The Release Of The N7 Tactical Gear Set For Outdoor Activities
Credit: BioWare

BioWare recently launched a bundle of items that can help fans experience the outdoors in the most badass manner possible.

The items in question are themed to the popular Mass Effect sci-fi RPG series, and feature the iconic N7 logo worn by the game’s protagonist, Commander Shepard.

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Dubbed the N7 Tactical Bundle, it includes outdoor items like an aluminum canteen with a metallic finish, military dog tags with rubber silencers, and even a tarpaulin dry bag.

All of these items feature the N7 insignia, which is a special ops division of the Systems Alliance Military in the Mass Effect universe.

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The bundle can only be pre-ordered at this time, with units set to ship in January 2021. The entire N7 bundle retails for $45 and can be purchased through the BioWare website.

The first place the player encounters the N7 logo in the game is on Commander Shepard’s armor. Shepard is a customizable character, who can be either male or female. While there are standard appearances for both genders, the player can also customize the appearance of their Shepard to make the character uniquely theirs.

Shepard’s backstory can also be customized in the beginning of the original Mass Effect. They can be a war hero, a renegade who gets the job done no matter what, the sole survivor of a mission gone wrong, a spacer kid from a military family, an Earth born street tough, or the orphaned survivor of an attack on an Alliance colony by Batarian extremists.

No matter your Shepard’s gender or backstory, they are still an N7 graduate. The vocational code of N7 has two parts to it. The N carries a special forces designation, while the 7 is a proficiency level. It is the highest level of proficiency in the Systems Alliance Navy.

To earn the N7, candidates must graduate from the Interplanetary Combatives Training program.

There is a special Mass Effect fan day every year called N7 Day, which takes place on November 7. This is typically when BioWare releases new trailers or announcements for upcoming games in the series. Some years it has been as simple as some newly released concept art being pushed out with a special message.

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This year, on N7 Day, it was announced that the original Mass Effect Trilogy will be collected in an HD compilation for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One called the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This will release sometime in 2021.

It was also announced that a new Mass Effect game is currently under development by a seasoned team at BioWare.