Apex Legends Season 7 Audio Issues Are The Worst So Far – Silent Guns, Silent Fights

Apex Legends Season 7 Audio Issues Are The Worst So Far – Silent Guns, Silent Fights
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legends Season 7 is off to a great start, with the introduction of a new legend, a new map, and the vehicle – a Hovercar. Yet, there are still a lot of issues in the game, primarily the completely ruined audio. Respawn apparently fixed the footstep audio – according to the patch notes at least – but the other audio issues are now much worse.

The problem seems to happen during a fight inside a tunnel or building, especially the huge empty parts of the map like Turbine and the surrounding tunnels. Guns will fire what sounds like blank shots and you won’t be able to tell when there’s a third party on the way to shoot you in the back with Triple Takes.

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These problems are so massive that it’s actually impossible to tell whether there has actually been any improvement made to the footstep audio. Not being able to hear your enemy isn’t that much of an issue when you can’t hear the Devotion ramping up right next to you.

Alongside the missing and bugged audio during fights, Horizon’s Ultimate also has an annoying sound glitch tied to being close to the Black Hole. It makes sense that the audio is distorted while close to NEWT, but the sound will sometimes continue playing even when the Ultimate is gone.

It’s not clear what’s causing these issues – I’ve had problems with decent ping and also problems when the servers aren’t performing well. Respawn is yet to openly address the audio issues, although it’s likely there will be a patch (hopefully, at least) in the coming weeks. Olympus is an excellent map but the audio problems are very frustrating.

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There also seems to be some audio problems linked to the Hovercars. Seeing as the cars can be heard from several hundred meters away – or at least, it seems like that – it’s obvious that they might have some sort of impact on the audio. As it stands though the bugs do seem more frequent when a car is nearby.

Other than the audio issues, Season 7 has seen a positive response throughout the community. Although there is still a while before everyone gets to grips with the map, and the new meta, Olympus so far seems like a brilliant addition to Apex.