When And What Is The Next Event In Apex Legends Season 5? Speculated Details About Upcoming Collection Event

When And What Is The Next Event In Apex Legends Season 5? Speculated Details About Upcoming Collection Event
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legends Season 5 is yet to have a limited-time event, previously called Collection Events. These week-long events usually consist of over 20 new cosmetic items, a unique character-specific Heirloom, and a limited-time gameplay mode of some description.

Since Season 5 was already delayed by a week due to the WFH situation, and now with protests across the US, the next Collection Event could still be some weeks away. However, thanks to data mines and leakers, there are a few details about what’s next for Apex.

First up, leakers on Twitter (Biast12 and Shrugtal) have brought the community some details about the upcoming collection event, supposedly called Treasure Hunter. This fits into the gold coins in the lobby background and the new character, Loba.

The tweet below, from Biast12, shows off a datamined Loot Tick, likely where the new cosmetic items will be purchased to unlock the next Heirloom. This loot tick also has locations from World’s Edge on the maps that cover its surface.

But when will the event start? Shrugtal, another fairly reliable Apex Legends dataminer, posted recently about the bunkers dotted around the new King’s Canyon. It’s common knowledge that these will open over the course of the season, revealing new areas of the map.

Supposedly, the first bunker will open on June 16th, which is a couple of weeks away and falls on a Tuesday, the day that Respawn usually launches events and updates. Could this mean the event starts on that Tuesday?

So if the collection event starts soon, what is the new Heirloom, and who is it for? Speculation has been rife, with some thinking it might be Crypto’s Data Knife, whereas others think it’s likely Mirage’s Statue heirloom.

Leaked code, shared by data miner iLootGames on YouTube, shows melee skins for a Mirage Statue melee item. What else could that be other than a Mirage heirloom? Very fitting for a season that has been friendly to Mirage mains already.

The Apex Legends community is always eager to find out what’s next for the game. Considering Season 5 has been the most successful season so far for the game, it’s likely the collection event will also be pretty huge.