2020 World Championship – NA Fans Rejoice After Team Liquid Hands G2 Esports Their First Loss

2020 World Championship – NA Fans Rejoice After Team Liquid Hands G2 Esports Their First Loss
Credit: EpicSkillshot

It has been rather rough for the North American fans of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. The region starts winless early, but things might be turning around in favor of the region. After losing two games in a row, Team Liquid had to rewire their gameplay going into the game against Europe’s top team, G2 Esports. TL managed to took over G2 in today’s game as they record their first win. In an interview following the victory, TL shared they changed their playstyle to focus on the early game lead.

In an interview, bottom laner Edward “Tactical” Ra shared his team’s insight going into the ever-so-important game for them to bounce back. He also opened up how relieved the squad felt after the final seconds of confirming Liquid has won against the EU’s top dog.

Fans of the LCS region were about ready to let this year’s crown go to other parts of the world after realizing NA went 1-5 in the first three days of group stages. Team Liquid’s fans were frantic after their favorite team performed poorly against Pacific Championship Series’ Machi Esports. But Jensen and the boys refuse to succumb to the NA stereotypes and climbs out of misery.

The 20-year old AD carry shared his thoughts after the win, “If we had lost this game, our chances [would’ve been] really low for getting out of groups. Not only did we win, but we also changed things up at the same time.” Tactical continues that it’s a huge step forward for the team, and he is hopeful for their 2020 Worlds odds and happy for the victory.

He also shared that the team went back to the drawing board and rearranged their priority. Liquid decided to take over the early game advantage playstyle. This change of hearts came after the LCS team suffered a landslide lost against SN Gaming just yesterday. Tactical went to discuss, “If you’re a good team, you always can take control over the early game and end the game.”

Ra was also not shy to admit they went to the group stage with the wrong mindset. He recalls, in the play-ins, their team was able to execute whatever they felt like doing. And that affected their mindset coming into this part of the 2020 World Championship. “Because in play-ins, we were able to do whatever we want compared to what these teams have been doing to us,” Tactical shared.