We Wanted To Tell A Story Of Revolution – Far Cry 6 Dev Explains How They Got Inspiration From Their Trip To Cuba

We Wanted To Tell A Story Of Revolution – Far Cry 6 Dev Explains How They Got Inspiration From Their Trip To Cuba
Credit: Ubisoft

With Far Cry 6 making the rounds at the moment, it’s revealing at the Ubisoft Forward event was even more appealing.

The game will be set on the fictional tropical island of Yara, a deserted area stuck in limbo and pioneered by a dictator, Anton Costillo, played by the acclaimed actor Giancarlo Esposito.

Based on the briefing of the setting, the developers at Ubisoft responsible for Far Cry 6 took a trip to Cuba for inspiration.

On top of that, the Narrative Director Navid Khavari said that the team had to travel to Cuba and spend a month as part of the data collection for Far Cry 6.

You can quickly check out the Official Reveal Trailer captured by IGN from Ubisoft Toronto:

Here’s him explaining:

We wanted to tell a story about revolution, and when you tell a story about revolution, you’re talking about guerrilla warfare. When you’re talking about guerrilla warfare, you go to Cuba. We were very, very lucky to be able to fly down to Cuba. I spent about a month down there with the team, circumnavigating the island. We got to meet so many amazing people and experience the music and the culture, and we also met actual former guerrillas. And that was the jumping-off point, because for our island of Yara, not only did we want to tell a story of a modern guerrilla revolution but also we want to tell a story about an island that is almost frozen in time, like a living postcard from the ’60s that players can experience and walkthrough.

Then we wanted to contrast that with a new sort of leader who’s been elected with this promise to rebuild paradise, you know, to take the island back to being rich, like it was 50 years ago. And with Antón, really what he’s saying is, “I’m going to build paradise, but paradise isn’t for everyone.” For him, it’s this idea that paradise comes at a cost, and he will enslave those who are against him to work as forced labor to get what he wants.

So the dynamic of having this beautiful, idyllic sort of “living postcard,” with the vintage cars, the picturesque landscapes, the mountains, the water, the capital city – contrast that with the overwhelming oppression that is Antón Castillo, and that feeling of oppression when you walk into the capital city.

Far Cry 6 drops on February 18th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, PC, and PlayStation 4.