Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Receives A New Sizable Quality Of Life Update Patch

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Receives A New Sizable Quality Of Life Update Patch
Credit: Fatshark via YouTube

When you’re killing rats and monsters by the hundreds as you tear through a level with magic and weaponry, it’s hard to imagine ways to make that much better. Fortunately, Fatshark, the developers of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, are able to imagine quite a few ways!

Their latest patch to the game brings a massive number of quality of life updates to help everything go just a bit smoother for the player. The first patch of 3.2, aptly titled, this patch brings dozens of changes!

In regards to the Spoils of War, the space bar has been buffed – seriously. Pressing space will now open your Spoils chests, as well as revealing all of the loot and closing the preview screen if all of the loot is open.

Additionally, chest selection is preserved when going back to the grid, assuming there are more chests of the same type. While these sound minor – because they are – they’re also slight changes that can make everything just a bit easier. What’s worse than annoying loot mechanics?

Crafting has also been hit with some pleasant changes. Animations have been sped up so that they feel less repetitive, and a quick fill salvage grid option has been added to fill your grid with items of a chosen rarity. Plays can also now clear the salvage grid.

With gameplay, Fatshark has implemented “automatic blocking while typing to the in-game text chat, opening the game menu, or while tabbed out of the game.” This makes it so that players won’t be as vulnerable when they let their guard down.

Players will also now be given lore-tips at the bottom of their loading screens. While not exactly something that affects play itself, it’ll make load times a bit less boring, as well as teaching you some fun trivia!

There have been a handful of fixes and general tweaks as well. Localization issues have been mended, as well as a sound issue with the Curse of Comradeship that would occur when a player left the lobby while too far from their allies.

Players can expect to find a handful of fixes to the heroes and levels as well, almost all of which are quite minor. Bardin, for example, had the talent tooltip for Rising Pressure upgraded to be a bit more descriptive.

With a few more sound fixes and VFX alterations coming in, Fatshark is ensuring that the new patch cycle kicks off with some fantastic fixes to keep the game feeling smooth and convenient. Keep your eyes peeled, as they’ll undoubtedly be adding more in the weeks to come!