Prison Simulator Lets Players Experience Prison Life In This New Sim Game Headed For PC

Prison Simulator Lets Players Experience Prison Life In This New Sim Game Headed For PC
Credit: Baked Games via Youtube

A new simulation game is taking players into the depths of prison to learn what it takes to become a prison guard. In Prison Simulator, players must keep the peace, punish bad behavior, and prevent fights among the prison community. This is not an easy job, but it is a job that must be done.

This game is still under development but the team at Baked Games is planning to see it go live in the near future. Interested fans are invited to wishlist the game on Steam or follow them for a chance to see early glimpses of this unique title.

Take the role of a prison guard as you survive the everyday events of a prison environment. It is up to you to balance between the line of satisfying the management and dealing with the aggressive and dangerous convicts under your care.

You are only 30 days away from your dream promotion and escape from the prison you have bee working at.

As you get closer to that dream, more goes wrong at your job. With your administration imposing new duties each day and the prisoners looking for an excuse to misbehave things are anything but easy.

Balance your job and morales as you do small jobs for the convicts while trying to appease prison management. Your job is to maintain a neutral stance, and declaring one side as yours will cause the other to come down on your quickly.

You have several duties including accepting new prisoners, searching cells, and finding contraband. As you do your job you will find that the prisoners also want certain things to be overlooked. Decide between bribes and payroll as you do jobs and edge closer to a much-deserved promotion.

Although this game piles tasks and a timer on fans, it also offers a complete sense of freedom for players. You can become friends with inmates or employees, but remember that your actions will impact the relations you have with everyone around you

Explore two game modes in either campaign or Freeplay. In the campaign, you will find an evolving challenge and story within your prison duties. Freeplay offers a much more relaxed environment as you learn to just enjoy the title and its many luxuries.

For more information explore the game’s Steam page. Prison Simulator is planning a release sometime this year, but no date has been set. It does appear that this title will be a PC exclusive upon its initial release.