Ubisoft Declares Massive Sale ‘Up To 90% Off’ To Celebrate E3: Inside All The Discounts

Ubisoft Declares Massive Sale ‘Up To 90% Off’ To Celebrate E3: Inside All The Discounts
Credit: Ubisoft North America via Youtube

In anticipation for one of the most significant gaming events of the year, Ubisoft just released a super sale to get fans excited for big things coming to the gaming company under the slogan from the official sale page – “Gaming celebration! Best games, hours of fun!”

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, is typically met with a lot of excitement as the hottest annual game convention. From June 11th to June 13th, companies within the video game industry present the latest and greatest content and products they have in the works – and to kick things off, Ubisoft is offering up to 90% off on select games, DLC, clothing, and collectibles.

With over 300 items currently on sale, there are a lot of great purchases to be made. To help break down some of the more exciting discounts, here’s some of what can be found on Ubisoft’s website right now.

When it comes to video games, PVP shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular and with an unbeatable 50% off all editions, it’s definitely worth the buy. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, which takes you into the ruins of an RPG world, takes 33% off any edition, marking one of the most substantial discounts for the highest-priced Phoenix Shield Collector Edition – from $249.99 to $167.49.

Sets, DLC, and collectibles from the Rainbow Six line are also substantially marked down, which includes in-game weapon skins and figurines from the Six Collection.

Another Ubisoft favorite is the Far Cry franchise, which spans a vast collection of first-person shooter games that can all be purchased for 50-80% off currently. That includes expansion DLC and various editions of the games, making this one of the most hyped-up sales available. Assassin’s Creed, an epic adventure meets action video game that spans several installments, ranges from 50-80% off on nearly every edition as well.

Action-packed shooter games aren’t the only ones benefiting from this sale, though. Ubisoft covered all of their bases by discounting long-time favorites like Monopoly for Nintendo Switch, Uno, and Just Dance, which range between 50-70% off.

The exciting sale covers every platform that Ubisoft caters to, which includes PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch, WiiU, and Virtual Reality. Clothing of all types and collectibles such as artwork, figurines, pins, and even a South Park themed whoopee cushion are also a part of the discounted list.

The Ubisoft E3 Sale will last from now until June 18th on select titles and while supplies last. With free shipping available for physical purchases over $80, now’s the time to stock up on some of Ubisoft’s most prolific merchandise and video games.