Underworld City Builder Strategy Game NecroCity Announced For PC

Underworld City Builder Strategy Game NecroCity Announced For PC
Credit: NecroCity via Steam

Gameparic has announced its upcoming strategy game NecroCity for PC. The title is a city-building game where players will build a necropolis and manage the economy of the growing world.

In NecroCity, players begin building a thriving city in a secret place. As the town grows, additional residents will begin appearing, such as skeletons, werewolves, goblins, zombies, ghosts, and other monsters.

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Players take on the role of governor. Their main task is to build and manage the city, starting with the basic infrastructure. Players begin with building a network of roads, buildings, and other fortifications. It will become important to learn the important skills to control the inhabitants, and new creatures may move in.

One of the primary mechanics consists of building and managing structures in the available space. The game begins with basic structures like tombs or crypts. All of the buildings serve an important purpose, so players will need to learn what building serves a specific function.

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Players will have to extract and obtain resources from nearby mines and old tombs if they want to expand their cities. Some of these are outside of the city walls and will require sending out specialized units.

Once players have acquired the right resources, they can expand, including improving their army or improving existing fortifications like the wall around the city. Eventually, players can add defense weapons like turrets and traps.

As players progress through the game, they will gain access to more expensive yet powerful buildings like the Necromancer Mansion or Undead Sanctuary.

Marcin Wenus, CEO of Gameparic, stated:

“This time the monsters are trying to build their own society without attacking people. People will not let them do this and they will attack your inhabitants, this will lead to many bloody battles at the gates of your city. At some point in the game, we will be able to attack the human kingdoms. We are working very hard on the storyline of the game. We want the story to be an integral part of the gameplay.”

Gameparic, which is part of the PlayWay Group, recently announced Bartender Simulator and El Dorado: The Golden City Builder. The company plans to announce three new titles in Q1 2021.

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Necrocity doesn’t currently have a release window but will launch on PC.