Ubisoft Finally Solves Puzzle: Battle Royale Mode Confirmed In Ghost Recon Wildlands Update

Ubisoft Finally Solves Puzzle: Battle Royale Mode Confirmed In Ghost Recon Wildlands Update
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

Ubisoft has introduced a battle royale mode as part of a major update for Ghost Recon Wildlands. This is a massive stake for the developer as the battle royale mode will make it compete with both Fortnite and PUBG.

In a blog post, the Mercenaries patch is supposedly the last major update for the game. This patch serves as a thank you note from the developer to gamers who remained loyal to the Ghost Recon series.

What should interest gamers, however, is the battle royale mode. Although the universe is not as expansive as PUBG, the free-for-all mode involves eight players in all. You start the game with no weapons.

The first task is to find weapons and gear to survive the battle royale. You can find weapons cache all over the map and they contain all the guns and gear you need. There will also be health syringes when your life counter runs low.

However, you have a larger objective, which is to find the location of the radio transmitters and then activate them. This, in turn, will reveal the extraction point.

After triggering the three radio transmitters spread out throughout the map, a chopper will then appear at the extraction point. That’s your ticket out of the area and also your victory dance.

In April this year, Ubisoft claimed that they couldn’t yet introduce a battle royale mode for Ghost Recon Wildlands. The developer acknowledged that a battle royale mode will take the game to another level, but it’s a puzzle that’s difficult to solve.

In response to a Twitter query, Ubisoft added that a battle royale mode will require drastic changes to the structure of the game. And it’s a technical challenge that is “simply impossible” to introduce then.

The Mercenaries patch for Ghost Recon Wildlands also come rewards. For your first victory, you will earn a Mercenary Patch. By your third victory, you get to earn a pair of Mercenary Pants. A heavy vest will be gifted to you after your fifth victory, and a Jacket Army Mercenary can be yours by 10th victory.

If you earn your 15th victory, you get a Mercenary Heavy Vest, which comes equipped with its own shoulder pads. By your 25th victory, you can download a Mercenary Backpack.

The Mercenaries patch will come to the Ghost Recon Wildlands in anticipation of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint this coming October. Just like Wildlands, Breakpoint will be available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.