The Vinewood Casino Update Is Set To Go Live Next Week In GTA 5 Online, According To Reports From Rockstar

The Vinewood Casino Update Is Set To Go Live Next Week In GTA 5 Online, According To Reports From Rockstar
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

One of the best online experiences for gamers over the last couple of years has been GTA 5 Online. It’s such an incredible experience filled with anarchy and so many possibilities. You can go around completing missions, earning money, and starting lucrative side ventures. It’s all up for grabs in this game.

There is one area that has sparked interest amongst many of GTA 5’s users. That area — of course — is the casino. It has been under construction for months in the game, creating a sense of mystery and wonder. The idea of a casino being added to this online mode sounds sublime and will give players that much more games and content to look forward to.

We now finally have confirmation from Rockstar directly that Vinewood Casino will be live starting next week for all major platforms. Finally, this casino will be accessible to all players. There isn’t any further details to really dissect, but that wait is just about over.

On paper, this casino could have all sorts of attractions. Being able to play Texas Hold’em sounds like a dream right off the bat. Playing against other friends and foes online would get the juices flowing, as if you’re in a real-life casino. Other games that are to be expected include craps, slot machines, black jack, and much more.

It will be particularly interesting to see how Rockstar designs the earnings from each game. Being able to win big and then take this money with you online could give rise to so many more possibilities. It could eliminate the grind of completing mission after mission. One well-played hand or lucky draw on a slot machine could mean thousands in earnings. It all seems so promising.

To this day, there haven’t been many instances of casinos showing up in video games. The reason for this could be the sensitive subject matter of gambling. Developers probably don’t want to broach the subject for the fear of receiving backlash from lobbyists and government officials.

It appears Rockstar is tackling this subject matter head-on, and hopefully, fans take to it well. GTA games have always been willing to push the envelope as far as violence and mature subject material, so this latest casino addition shouldn’t receive too much backlash. Hopefully, Rockstar can pull out all of the stops, giving fans just another reason to come back to this amazing online mode. Let’s see if the hype was warranted.