Ubisoft Announces Free Trial For Anno 1800 From Aug. 19 To Aug. 25; Botanica DLC Out In September

Ubisoft Announces Free Trial For Anno 1800 From Aug. 19 To Aug. 25; Botanica DLC Out In September
Credit: Ubisoft via YouTube

Ahead of the Botanica DLC, Ubisoft has announced a week of free trial for Anno 1800 on Aug. 19-25.

The Botanica update, meanwhile, will launch on Sept. 10. However, people who are at Gamescom will have the chance to get first dibs on some of the gameplay.

Last month, Ubisoft released the Sunken Treasure DLC. The content talks about a hermit who’s rumored to be hiding in the isle of wonders. The hermit, named Old Nate, is hiding for reason, he really prefers his creations than other people.

You will embark on a treasure hunt with Old Nate and whatever will happen is part of the adventure.

However, the hermit’s creations have their uses and can be exploited for good or evil. And Old Nate is willing to sell as long as the price is right.

In Botanica, players will get a chance to build their own botanical garden. It will showcase your creativity while also enabling you to win rewards. The more people who will visit your botanical garden to appreciate its beauty, the more items you will win.

The DLC also gives you the opportunity to build the Musical Pavilion. In this arena, familiar themes and tracks from previous Anno 1800 games are played. You can also earn rewards by doing so, but you can just enjoy listening to the tracks at the Musical Pavilion.

Here’s the trailer announcing the free trial for Anno 1800. There’s nothing much to see really after the dates are flashed on the screen. You see a montage of scenes from the game, including some builds but that’s about it.

There’s another DLC to look forward to, titled The Passage. The content will allow you to explore the arctic circle and the mysterious northwest passage. To explore this new environment, you will have to equip yourself with the right tools and gear. The cold climate can be brutal and will affect your entire build.

Ubisoft, however, has not given a timetable for the release of The Passage DLC for Anno 1800. But it’s likely that the DLC will drop in December this year.

The free trial for Anno 1800 is available now on the Epic Games Store and Uplay. However, don’t expect to get the full experience with the trial. Accordingly, people are only going to play up to three levels in sandbox mode. Also, players will also get to test the multiplayer, as well as the day and night mode.